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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the new sliced bread. Gone are the days where people source the news from the 6pm bulletin or newspaper, the yellow pages are no longer opened and communication devices arent hard wired into the wall. Peoples attention is on their mobile phones, computers, tablets, TVs and any other device that gives them the ability to get what they want when they want. Make sure your business is there too. 

Facebook Page and Advertising

Facebook is essentially your secondary website and should be, for most businesses a key communication tool. We can get you up and running with a great looking page populated with details or renovate your current page and provide strategies to get it working for you. We can also get you set up and or run ads using their paid ad platform. Through this we can narrow down demographics and interests to put your business in front of those that matter to you and a whole lot more. Facebook ads also provides some of the cheapest, but best ad space available. 

Instagram Page and Advertising

Instagram is quickly becoming the new ‘must have’ for businesses, especially those with a millennial demographic target. A somewhat smaller version of Facebook as a social media platform but heavily focuses on visual content. The ads can be even cheaper than Facebook and with great creative can drive your goals really well. 

Email marketing

Email Marketing still has a strong place in the Digital Marketing tool box as once you have built or are building a list, you essentially then get to market to your list for free through sending emails. Email lists if built well are great because they will also generally contain only people in your target market and those interested in what you are selling. Lets discuss ways we can build your business a email list and then get you on a platform to start sending your message. 

content creation

If you are running a business then you may not have time to pour into creating images and copy for your website, socials and ads. That’s where I can help, lets collaborate on getting your business great content to grab the attention of your target market. 

alternate social marketing

Depending on your target market there can be a number of other option to pursue in the social media space. An example would be making use of Pinterest if your targeting females and can produce great visual assets for you business, also LinkedIn if you are targeting professionals or B2B.

basic seo

I also offer basic search engine optimisation services with the aim of getting your page higher in Google results without using paid advertising. This involves taking a look at your site and fixing the basic SEO errors alot of SMBs websites have particulary for those that have created their website themself or have a very outdated site.

Google Services

An off shoot of Digital Marketing is the plethora of programs and platforms that Google offer to facilitate business, even better, the majority of their services are FREE. Google Ads costs for obvious reason but is their main tool for getting businesses the results they desire, Google my business is FREE and is the 21st century yellow pages but way better. Take a look below and see if there are services that could help you.

Google Ads

Google Ads along with Facebook are the leading digital marketing platforms. At the moment I’m encouraging YouTube video ads if you have a video for your business and responsive display ads, these are image and text ads that display on a whole lot of different websites that are in Googles circle. We can also set up basic search based ads to display in Google when someone makes a search. 

Google my business

Dubbed the ‘New Yellow Pages’ Google My Business is the business information card that pops up when you Google a business. This card gives you the ability to almost put in all the information a potential customer could want. For a small fee I can set yours up or make sure it is being used to the full extent. I believe a businesses rating on Google plays a big when Google lists businesses for something someone has searched and this is where people can review and rate you. 

google analytics

A websites best friend and right-hand man. Know all there is to know about your website and how people use it. Google Analytics is a free tool from Google and is the most comprehensive website analytics tool available. Lets connect your website up and look at how many people visit your site, for how long, what pages are looked at, where people are from, do they go to the pages you want them to, and so much more. Google Analytics is a great way to work out what needs changing, removing, and optimising.

google search console

Another great free website tool from Google. Connecting up search console helps with SEO and reports on the performance of your website in Google. It also alerts you to problems with that arise with the website but more importantly allows you to make sure Google can see and crawl your website to place it on their SERPS.

set goals and self audit

Lets take a lot at what you currently do in Marketing, then set goals around what you want to achieve.

Target market and industry audit

With the goals in mind we can then create personas of who your ideal customer is and also look at what your competitors are doing. 

strategy, content, and execution

The fun part, we can then strategise, create the content, an start implementing digital marketing tactics.

analyse and optimise

The even funner part, taking a look at the data and results to see if you’re on track to meet goals and optimising where necessary. 

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